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mining facilities

Miner hosting facility in Norway - norwegian flag

Miner hosting facilities in the north of Norway

One of our main miner hosting facilities is in the north of Norway. Bitcoin mining requires a lot of energy, and can be concerning about the environmental impact of this energy consumption. However, in Norway, there are options for hosting bitcoin miners using green energy solutions. One way to do this is through the use of wind and hydropower.


These renewable energy sources can be used to power the mining operations, reducing the carbon footprint of the process. In addition, hosting the miners in Norway offers the advantage of access to cheap and plentiful hydroelectric power. This can help to keep operating costs low, making it more profitable for miners to run their operations. Overall, using green energy solutions for bitcoin mining in Norway can be a responsible and cost-effective way to participate in the cryptocurrency market. Hosting fee in Norway starts from 0.079kWh. Choose Norway as your hosting facility here.

Miner hosting facility in Russia - russian flag

Miner hosting facilities in Russia

Russia is home to a number of bitcoin mining operations, as well as ours, due in part to the country’s abundant natural resources and relatively low cost of electricity. As many other operations, our facility is located in the Siberian region, where cold temperatures and access to hydropower make it an ideal location for mining. In addition, Russia’s political climate and favorable regulations have made it a popular destination for miners looking to set up operations.

However, there are also some challenges to hosting bitcoin miners in Russia, including the risk of interference from the government and potential issues with the reliability of the electrical grid. Despite these challenges, Russia remains an attractive option for many of our miners’ customers due to its low costs and ample supply of energy. Hosting fee starts from 0.079kWh. Read more about our facility for mining in Russia here.

Miner hosting facility in Norway - dutch flag

Miner hosting facilities in the Netherlands


Our datacenter in The Netherlands is home for several bitcoin miners. Providing a secure and temperature-controlled environment for the equipment. In addition, the country’s favorable regulations and business-friendly environment make it an attractive destination for miners.


However, the cost of hosting a mining operation in the Netherlands can be high due to the high cost of electricity and the need to purchase or lease space in a datacenter. Despite these challenges, many miners find that the benefits of hosting in the Netherlands outweigh the costs. However, as of today our capacity is full and due to the raise of energy prices, our hosting fee in the Netherlands is higher than usual. Hosting fee starts from 0.23kWh.

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  1. Acquire a miner
  2. Pick a hosting location
  3. Choose a pool
  4. Shipment to hosting facility
  5. Start earning bitcoin on your private bitcoin wallet

We can help you with every step.

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Miner hosting means supplying a safe working environment for the miner. This includes electricity, cooling with filtered air or oil, security, maintenance and rack space. 

To start mining Bitcoin can take some times. The time frame depends a lot on the transportation of the miners (if you already optain your own miners) and after receiving your miner it will take us 1 weeks to get your miner(s) up and running. If your choose Instant miner hosting then the timeframe is within 1 week.

We can do some small onsite testing to solve the issue for free. If extra support is needed we can organize this at cost price. This will be discussed in advance. 

The minimum contract period is 2 months. 

The kWh price includes:

  • electricity cost
  • internet
  • VPN
  • 24/7 security
  • small maintenance
  • air filters
  • fire insurance
  • free installation
  • infrastructure build for hosting miners
  • filtered air

Contact us for more information. 

You can calculate mining profits per month and year by Braiins bitcoin mining profit calculator here.

Yes, that is possible! We can arrange miners for you. Contact us so we can provide their details.

  1. Pick a hosting location
  2. Choose if you want us to manage the pool or do it yourself
  3. Arrange shipment to hosting facility, we can help you with the shippment of your miners as well. 
  4. Setting up and install your miners with necessary hardware and electricity
  5. Start earning bitcoin on your private bitcoin wallet

We can help you with every step.

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Do you want to take your miner hosting to the next level and operate your Bitcoin mining in a bigger scale? We have solutions for you! Check out build mining farm.

Yes you can. For our hosting services we accept Bitcoin or USDT.

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