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Are you in need of top-tier Bitcoin miner hosting services? Look no further, because we are your ultimate hosting solution! Take full advantage of our unbeatable hosting rates starting at just €0.079 per kWh.


We pride ourselves on providing the finest hosting services tailored specifically to crypto mining operations. With our exceptional infrastructure and industry expertise, we ensure optimal performance and efficiency for your mining equipment.


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Miner hosting facility in Norway - norwegian flag

Miner hosting facilities in the north of Norway


Discover the ideal location for your Bitcoin mining operations – our premier miner hosting facility situated in the scenic north of Norway. We understand the concerns surrounding the energy consumption associated with Bitcoin mining, which is why we are proud to offer green energy solutions to address this issue.


In Norway, we harness the power of renewable energy sources such as wind and hydropower to fuel our mining operations. By utilizing these sustainable energy options, we significantly reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of the mining process. Embracing green energy is a crucial step towards responsible Bitcoin mining.


One of the key advantages of hosting your miners in Norway is the availability of affordable and abundant hydroelectric power. This advantageous power source allows us to keep operating costs low, enabling miners to maximize their profitability. By choosing our hosting facility in Norway, you can optimize your mining operations while minimizing expenses.


Take advantage of our competitive hosting fees, starting from just €0,084 per kWh in Norway. By selecting Norway as your hosting facility, you not only contribute to a more sustainable future but also position yourself for success in the cryptocurrency market. Make the responsible and cost-effective choice for your Bitcoin mining endeavors by choosing Norway as your hosting destination.


Contact us now to secure your spot in our hosting facility. Let us be your trusted partner on the path to profitable and eco-friendly Bitcoin mining.

Miner hosting facility in Russia - russian flag

Miner hosting facilities in Russia


Explore the vast opportunities for Bitcoin mining in Russia, where our facility is strategically located. Russia has become a prominent destination for numerous Bitcoin mining operations, including ours, primarily because of its rich natural resources and the comparatively low cost of electricity.


Our facility is nestled in the Siberian region, benefiting from its frigid temperatures and access to reliable hydropower. These factors create an optimal environment for mining operations, ensuring efficient cooling and cost-effective energy consumption. Siberia’s unique combination of climate and energy sources makes it a sought-after location for miners seeking to maximize their profitability.


Moreover, Russia’s political climate and favorable regulations have further enhanced its appeal as a mining destination. 


At our facility in Russia, we offer competitive hosting fees starting from €0.079 per kWh. Our commitment to providing a secure and reliable environment for your mining operations remains unwavering. We understand the importance of a stable infrastructure and work diligently to ensure uninterrupted mining activities.


To learn more about our mining facility in Russia and the exceptional advantages it offers, we invite you to delve deeper into the details provided on our website. Discover why Russia continues to be a compelling choice for miners and how our facility can empower your mining journey. Read more about our facility for mining in Russia here.


Take the next step towards unlocking the full potential of your Bitcoin mining operations by joining us in Russia. Benefit from cost-efficient hosting and leverage the abundant resources available in this thriving mining destination. Connect with us today and let us guide you through the exciting opportunities awaiting you in Russia. 

Miner hosting facility in Norway - dutch flag

Miner hosting facilities in the Netherlands


Our facility provides a secure and meticulously controlled environment, ensuring optimal conditions for your valuable mining equipment.


Benefiting from the country’s favorable regulations and business-friendly atmosphere, The Netherlands has emerged as a sought-after destination for miners. Our datacenter offering a reliable infrastructure that meets your specific requirements.


It is important to note that hosting a mining operation in The Netherlands may come with certain challenges. The cost of electricity in the country is relatively high, and acquiring or leasing space in a datacenter can add to the expenses. However, despite these considerations, many miners have discovered that the benefits of hosting in The Netherlands far outweigh the costs.


We regret to inform you that as of today, our capacity in The Netherlands is fully occupied. Additionally, due to the recent rise in energy prices, our hosting fees have been adjusted accordingly. The hosting fee for our services in The Netherlands currently starts from 0.23kWh.


While our capacity may be limited at the moment, we encourage you to stay updated on any future availability or changes in our hosting options. We understand the importance of offering cost-effective solutions and strive to provide exceptional service to our clients.

We appreciate your interest in our datacenter in The Netherlands and the advantages it offers to Bitcoin miners. Please continue to explore our website for further information and updates on our hosting facilities.

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Step 1: Research and Understand Mining Before diving into mining, it’s important to educate yourself about the process, including how cryptocurrencies work, the hardware and software requirements, and the potential costs and benefits involved. Familiarize yourself with different mining algorithms and popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Step 2: Choose a Mining Hardware Selecting the right mining hardware is crucial. Research various mining rigs or ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners available in the market and consider factors such as hash rate, power consumption, and cost. Determine whether you want to mine using CPUs, GPUs, or specialized ASIC miners depending on the cryptocurrency you wish to mine.


Step 3: Obtain a Wallet To store the cryptocurrencies you mine, you’ll need a digital wallet. Wallets come in different types, including hardware wallets, software wallets, and online wallets. Choose a secure wallet that is compatible with the cryptocurrency you intend to mine.


Step 4: Join a Mining Pool (Optional) Mining alone can be challenging and may take a long time to mine a block. Joining a mining pool allows you to combine your computational power with other miners, increasing your chances of earning consistent rewards. Research and choose a reliable mining pool with a good reputation.


Step 5: Install Mining Software Download and install mining software compatible with your chosen hardware and the cryptocurrency you want to mine. Popular mining software options include CGMiner, BFGMiner, and EasyMiner. Configure the software with the required settings, including your mining pool details.


Step 6: Configure Mining Settings Adjust the mining software settings according to your hardware specifications, such as the mining algorithm, power usage, and fan control. Optimize these settings to achieve the best performance and efficiency for your mining setup.


Step 7: Connect to the Mining Pool Provide the mining pool details (URL, username, and password) in the mining software to establish a connection. This enables you to contribute your mining power to the pool and receive a proportional share of the rewards based on your contribution.


Step 8: Start Mining Launch the mining software and watch as your hardware starts solving complex mathematical problems (hashing) to validate and secure cryptocurrency transactions. Monitor the mining process regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Step 9: Monitor and Maintain Keep an eye on your mining operation, including the hardware temperatures, hash rate, and power consumption. Regularly check for software updates and ensure your hardware is clean and well-maintained to maximize its lifespan and performance.


Step 10: Withdraw and Manage Your Earnings Once you accumulate a certain amount of mined cryptocurrencies, you can withdraw them to your wallet. Set up secure practices for managing and protecting your earnings, such as implementing two-factor authentication and regularly backing up your wallet.


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Miner hosting, also known as mining hosting or colocation services, refers to the practice of renting space in a specialized facility to house and operate cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin requires powerful hardware that runs intensive computations to validate transactions and secure the network. However, mining equipment can generate a significant amount of heat and consume substantial amounts of electricity. Miner hosting services provide an ideal solution by offering a dedicated environment specifically designed to accommodate and support mining operations.

Miner hosting facilities typically offer the following services:

  1. Space and Infrastructure: Hosting providers offer physical space, such as racks or cabinets, to house mining rigs. They provide a secure and controlled environment with appropriate cooling, ventilation, and fire suppression systems to maintain optimal operating conditions for the equipment.

  2. Power and Connectivity: Hosting facilities provide a reliable power supply to support the energy demands of mining equipment. They ensure proper electrical infrastructure, including redundant power sources and backup systems. Additionally, hosting providers offer high-speed internet connectivity for efficient mining operations and communication with mining pools.

  3. Maintenance and Support: Hosting services often include regular maintenance and monitoring of the mining equipment. This can involve hardware inspections, troubleshooting, and repairs as needed. Some providers may also offer technical support to assist with mining software setup and configuration.

  4. Security and Protection: Miner hosting facilities prioritize the security of the mining equipment. They implement measures such as restricted access, surveillance systems, and 24/7 monitoring to safeguard against theft and unauthorized access. Additionally, hosting providers may offer insurance coverage for the equipment stored within their facilities.

By opting for miner hosting, miners can outsource the physical infrastructure requirements of their mining operations. This allows them to focus on optimizing their mining strategies, rather than dealing with the complexities of managing the equipment, cooling, and power requirements. Hosting services can be particularly beneficial for miners who lack the necessary space, resources, or expertise to run a mining operation on their own premises.

Miner hosting services can be found in various locations worldwide, offering different pricing models based on factors like electricity costs, facility quality, and additional services provided. Miners can choose a hosting provider that aligns with their specific needs and preferences to maximize their mining efficiency and profitability.

To start mining Bitcoin can take some times. The time frame depends a lot on the transportation of the miners (if you already optain your own miners) and after receiving your miner it will take us 1 weeks to get your miner(s) up and running. If your choose Instant miner hosting then the timeframe is within 1 week.

We can do some small onsite testing to solve the issue for free. If extra support is needed we can organize this at cost price. This will be discussed in advance. 

The minimum contract period is 2 months. 

The kWh price includes:

  • electricity cost
  • internet
  • VPN
  • 24/7 security
  • small maintenance
  • air filters
  • fire insurance
  • free installation
  • infrastructure build for hosting miners
  • filtered air

Contact us for more information. 

You can calculate mining profits per month and year by Braiins bitcoin mining profit calculator here.

Yes, that is possible! We can arrange miners for you. Contact us so we can provide their details.

  1. Pick a hosting location
  2. Choose if you want us to manage the pool or do it yourself
  3. Arrange shipment to hosting facility, we can help you with the shippment of your miners as well. 
  4. Setting up and install your miners with necessary hardware and electricity
  5. Start earning bitcoin on your private bitcoin wallet

We can help you with every step.

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Do you want to take your miner hosting to the next level and operate your Bitcoin mining in a bigger scale? We have solutions for you! Check out build mining farm.

Yes you can. For our hosting services we accept Bitcoin or USDT.

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