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Instant miner hosting is a service in which you buy a Antminer S19 Pro 110Th/s miner that is already earning bitcoins. This is the best bitcoin miner on the market today. The miner is already installed and instantly starts earning bitcoin for you after your purchase. The miner is already hosted at a cost of €0.089 per kWh in one of our data centers.

The prices from the miners can vary depending on the bitcoin price. Don’t be afraid to make a fair offer. Only a limited amount of pre install miners with hosting contract are available. Contact us for an offer. 

Still have questions about instant minier hosting? Send us a message or call us at +31 640995285

What is instant miner hosting?

We can manage the pool for you and pay your hosting cost or you can manage this yourself. The miner has a warranty of 2 to 6 months. The biggest benefit of this service is that after you buy the miner you instantly start mining with a very competitive hosting cost. Making sure that you mine as long and as profitably as possible. Start earning Bitcoin immediately!

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