Mining with Hamus Hosting

CRYPTO BLOG Mining Bitcoin with Hamus Hosting Are you interested in Bitcoin mining? Mining Bitcoin can seem complicated to people who are new in the space. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Hamus Hosting can guide you through the process. Zero prior knowledge is needed when you start Bitcoin mining with us. Start Crypto Mining We… Continue reading Mining with Hamus Hosting

Bitcoin revolution: From Euro to Bitcoin

CRYPTO BLOG What is the Bitcoin revolution? The Bitcoin revolution is picking up momentum as the FIAT currencies crumble. According to investorplace: “There were 295 million crypto users globally as of Dec. 29, 2021. This is leading to a rate of adoption to over 1 billion users holding cryptocurrency by the end of 2022.” With… Continue reading Bitcoin revolution: From Euro to Bitcoin

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

Best Bitcoin wallet

CRYPTO BLOG What is a Bitcoin wallet? A Bitcoin wallet at first glance may look complicated to a lot of people. In this article we dive into wallets and explain what a Bitcoin wallet is.  Start Crypto Mining The Bitcoin Wallet A Bitcoin wallet is similar to a regular old fashioned wallet in the certain regards. You can:  Store Bitcoin in… Continue reading What is a Bitcoin wallet?