Mining Bitcoin with Hamus Hosting

Are you interested in Bitcoin mining? Mining Bitcoin can seem complicated to people who are new in the space. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Hamus Hosting can guide you through the process. Zero prior knowledge is needed when you start Bitcoin mining with us.

We offer two kinds of hosting services  

Standard Bitcoin miner hosting

Both these services offer the same high quality of hosting. With the service standard Bitcoin miner hosting you have control over your own mining pool and payouts. This however requires some knowledge and might not be the right choice for everyone. You will also be responsible for paying the monthly hosting fee on time. A mining pool is a group of miners collaborating to increase their probability of finding a block. These blocks make up the infamous “blockchain” and are generated every ten minutes. Currently every block distributes 6,25 BTC amongst the collaborating miners according to their share of hashing power. Every four years an event called “the halving” takes place. At this point, the block reward is cut in half and so is the monthly reward per individual miner. This may sound bad for business, but the halving creates scarcity in the Bitcoin supply and thus drives up the price. 

The computing power of miners is expressed in hashing power. In the beginning hashing power was provided by laptops and desktops. But as Bitcoin price and miner competition grew, a new generation of miners was developed. So called industrial grade ASIC miners efficiently provide enormous hashrate with relatively low power usage per hash.

The downsides to these machines however are significant. Noise levels of up to 85 decibels and drawing up to 16 Amps per unit make it nearly impossible for someone to run these units in urban area’s. Also, filtered, dry and cold air is required to ensure adequate cooling and longevity.  

All in Bitcoin miner hosting

3 steps to start mining Bitcoin:

1. Contact us

Contact us and find out how we can assist you. (No strings attached)

2. Send the miners to one of our facility’s

Already own mining hardware? Send it to us and we will arrange the shipment to the facility of your choosing. Don’t have a miner jet? We guide you through the process of ordering the right miner.

3. Send your wallet address to us

Without a Bitcoin wallet? We can help you create one. A Bitcoin wallet is wallet used to store your Bitcoin. There are different kinds of wallets like hardware wallets and web wallets, hot and cold wallets. To find out more read our blog about Bitcoin wallets.

Currently we can offer Bitcoin miner hosting in Russia and the Netherlands. We are constantly looking to expend so, we are in talks to expend our Bitcoin miner hosting operation into Norway, Sweden, Canada, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan and the USA.

The first step of your care free Bitcoin mining journey starts with contacting us. Don’t hesitate to find your miner spot with us today!